By Bruno Kampel




I feel nostalgic about the day on which we never met for the first time. Yes, that particular day, when we didn't find each other. That unforgettable day, when you couldn't be mine.
I'm filled with memories of the occasion when you didn't say all I wanted to hear. Longing for the moment of our first touch - as much dreamt as never happened - when we didn't know one another in a biblical sense.
I'm thirsty since the instant when we never began to drink our tears of happiness. I hunger after all those moments I wasn't in you, chewing your shout drop by drop.
Yes, I can remember everything that never did occur. The love that couldn't be born; the desire that didn't express itself; all that nothing that we didn't live so intensely separated.
It's a deep-felt and painful yearning for everything, as if nothing had happened at all.
Yea, I know. It's just one of those things, but, I can't stop feeling so nostalgic...











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